23-d Russia’s Leading international trade fair for the automotive service industry targeting trade visitors from Russia and Eastern Europe
26 - 29 August 2019 Russia • Moscow • Expocentre

Conference area AGORA

Date: 27 - 30 August 2018 Time: 11:00 – 17:00
In 2015 Conference area AGORA was introduced for the first time at MIMS Automechanika Moscow. It presented the series of seminars, workshops, round tables, presentations and educational events covering a whole range of topics in automotive industry, aftermarket and technical services.
agora_plus_pic Pavilion 8, Hall#3 , Stand G191
Time Theme of speech Target Audience
27 August 2018 (1st exhibition day)
11:30 - 12:00 Official opening of the exhibition MIMS Automechanika Moscow  
12:00 - 12:40 Press conference of International Coach&Bus Show Busworld Russia 2018 powered by Autotrans  
12:45 - 13:30 AutoTransTech

"Development of business for servicing and repairing automatic transmissions taking into account the realities of the modern automotive market"

Speaker: Dmitry Filonov, Project Manager, MootulEvo, Member of the Expert Council of AutoTransTech

1. Prospects for the development of the market of automatic transmissions.
2. Causes of failure of modern transmissions.
3. Timely maintenance and qualified repairs.
4. Preparation of technical personnel for the repair of automatic transmission.
Heads and owners of maintenance stations (SRT), heads of service units
13.40-15.00 "Prospects for the automotive and auto-component industry in the Russian Federation"

Speaker: Tatiana Arabadzhi, Director of Russian Automotive Market Research (NAPI).

"Prospects and conditions for the development of the production of automotive components in the Russian Federation"

Speaker: Blokhin Mikhail Vladimirovich, General Director of the National Association of Automotive Component Manufacturers (NAPAK).

"Measures of state support and regulation of the development of the automotive industry and the auto-component industry in 2018-2019."

Speaker: Mikryukov Grigory Alexandrovich, Head of the Department of Economics of the Analytical Center under the Government of the Russian Federation. 

Manufacturers of spare parts and auto components, dealer networks, sales representatives
15:10 - 15:40 JSC POLEMA

«Modern powder materials for repair and creation of spare parts»

Speaker: Alexey Gurskikh, Head of the Research Laboratory of JSC POLEMA

Main technologists, purchasing managers, chief engineers of companies, heads of companies
28 August (2nd exhibition day)
11:00 - 12:30 The magazine "Autocomponents"

"Innovative solutions for the future car"

1. New lighting system for trucks and road machinery.
2. Overview of novelties of automobile lamps and brushes.
3. How the car feels and the outside world.

Speaker: Alexander Suhodolya, Head of Training and Technical Support Department, LLC "Hella"

"Funnel car service: from the lead to a successful repair"

1. How to attract customers from the Internet.
2. Why register applications for repairs and how to do it technologically.
3. Telephone sales - call center from the inside.
4. One application - several employees. Interaction and competition.
5. How to increase the conversion to check-in.

"Successful repair - satisfied customer"

1. How to fix agreements with the client correctly.
2. Vehicle spare parts - registration and ordering system.
3. Lost, broken, lost. Control of performers, fight against abuse.
4. Digitization of the repair process and analysis of the results.
5. LTV - how to extend the customer's life cycle. Automation.

Speaker: Bolhovskiy Dmitry, the creator of the marketplace for auto parts VIN-KOD.RF and the platform "WIN auto service"

"25 years on the automotive components market: how to gain a foothold in the Russian market Experience of the German company alca How to create a brand and develop it to a network in 80 countries"

1. How to build a working dealer network
2. How to succeed in the Russian market
3. What technological novelties under the alca brand became available to motorists

Speaker:Tom Heiner, Director of alca mobil logistics + services GmbH
Owners and top managers of independent service stations
Manufacturers of spare parts and auto components, dealer networks, sales representatives
12:40-14:00 Company "TradeSoft"

"How to increase the profit of the auto parts store by automating"

Speaker: Okhapkin Evgeny Olegovich, the expert on software support of the Company "TradeSoft"

1. Optimization of processes in the enterprise and competent management of a warehouse of auto parts.
2. Increase sales and reduce costs of the trading company.
3. Simplify the lives of customers - increase loyalty and turn into regular customers.
Managers and managers of organizations engaged in wholesale and retail sales of auto parts (shops, networks, car services, booking desks)
Managers and managers of organizations engaged in online sales of auto parts
14:10-15:00 Magazine "Auto Parts and Prices"

"Criteria for evaluating the results and features of comparative tests of auto parts of the premium" Avtokomponent of the Year ""

Speaker: Andrey Leonov, technical expert, head of the Scientific and Expert Council of the "Auto Component of the Year" award, ex-director of the laboratory testing center of FSUE "NAMI"
Engineers-developers, technical directors, departments of analytics and technical tests
15:10 - 17:00 Company "Pravilnyy Avtobiznes"

Session "How to improve your car service: key opportunities for business growth"

1-st report:
"Marketing: How to find a car customer service center"

Speaker: Roman Gulyaev, director of "The Correct Auto Business"

2-nd report:"Sales: How Car Repair Service to Increase the Return on Sales spare parts "

Speaker: Igor Trofimov, Director for the development of the service station network "Stayer"

3-rd report: "Personnel: How and what to train the master-receptionist in the service station"

Speaker: Roman Gulyaev, director of "The Correct Auto Business"

4-th report:"How to establish interaction between body and locksmith production in a car workshop and what benefits are brought by synergy"

Speaker: Yulia Gornostayeva, director of the SRT "GS Motors" (Lytkarino, Moscow region)

Owners and managers of auto services, independent service stations
29 August (3rd exhibition day)
11:00 - 11:30 The network of auto service centers "Voltage-service"

"Training of personnel for service station / car service / workshop"

Lushnikov Andrey Vladimirovich, director of service centers "Voltage-service"

1. For what it is necessary to conduct training of personnel
2. Who needs to be selected and trained in the recruitment of staff
3. How and what to teach staff
4. Format of training of personnel

Heads and managers of service stations, car-care centers
11:40-12:20 SMART Engineering Center

"Personnel for car-care centers and car dealerships: search, training, motivation"

Klyukin Pavel Nikolaevich, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Founder and Director for Development of the SMART Engineering Center

1. Where to find qualified, responsible, independent employees. Experience of the internal personnel center of IC SMART.
2. Traditional alternative: to take "ready" experts or to develop their own. How to make sure that the investments are paid off. Is there any sense in online training.
3. How to "cheer up" and "charge" the staff. Competitions of professional skills, internships with fellow competitors, etc.
4. Where to find ideas and inspiration for the company's first persons. Exchange of real experience and joint solution of problems in the format of the club of leaders of car-care centers (613 service stations)

Heads and owners of service stations (SRT), directors of dealer centers, heads of service units
12:30 - 12:55 Interlaken-Rus LLC

"How to find a competent autodiagnostic?"

Speaker: Stanislav Svetozarov, Deputy General Director of Interlaken-Rus LLC

1. Why is the post of diagnostician the most important in modern car service?
2. Why is the diagnostician the most requested position?
3. Options for admission to work.
4. Strategy of search and selection of the candidate.
5. How to make the work of a diagnostician profitable for him and profitable for the service?

Autodiagnostics and mechanics, сhief engineers of car-care centers and transport enterprises, heads of car-care centers, employees of companies supplying garage equipment, manufacturers of diagnostic equipment

Conference "Complex detailing as a new stage of development of the automotive service"

13:00 - 13:30 Detailing Center Fest

"Attraction and retention of clients is an important part of the development of detailing business, there are no customers - there is no business"

Alyona and Evgeny Gulevich, heads of the Detailing Center Fest

1. Where to take customers in an ever-changing marketing fashion
2. What attraction channels are working now?
3. How to keep the client on a "short leash" without irritating him
4. Should I make an app for a detailing center or a car wash?

Directors, managers, employees of the service station, detailing services
13:30 - 13:50 LeTech Сare & Restoration

"Professional skin restoration by factory technology as the basis for the organization of a new type of service for business"

Speaker: Seit Abduraimov, marketing manager Le-Tech Care & Restoration

1. Restoration of the skin.
2. Proper skin care.
3. Organization of the restoration business.
4. Analysis of the restoration direction, in the context of modern automobile business.
13:50 - 14:10 STEK RUSSIA

"New generation anti-gravel films"

Speaker: Pavel Vayvads, General Director of STEK Russia
14:10 - 14:40 Center for professional detailing Advance Star

"Training in all areas of detailing"

Speaker: Pavel Belyakov, Advance Star Technical Director
14:40 - 15:10 Company Leraton

"Detailing-washing. The process of washing control and reducing the negative human factor"

Speaker: Viktor Platonov, Leraton Technologist
End of detailing conference
15:20 - 15:50 MTT

"How to make the phone and website bring clear profits and not lose big budgets in the elementary aspects of business"

Speaker: Oleg Mikhalevich, Head of the Department, OJSC MTT, Head of the marketing community MarketingPeople, an instructor of the Internet Marketing Course at the Business School of the Russian State University for the Humanities

1. The capabilities of the company's unified communications system;
2. How to choose and set up communications with customers and consumers without nerves;
3. "Narrow bottlenecks", which give the largest losses of orders, leads and appeals of potential customers;
4. Setting up control over the efficiency of managers and administrators working with clients.
Marketing directors, development directors, entrepreneurs, business owners, it-specialists, specialists and professionals in the field of service stations, garage equipment, analysts and other players in the auto parts and components market
16:00 - 16:50 C2B Group

"Competent communication with the customer base = sales growth of 30%"

Speaker: Ryazantsev Aleksey Vladimirovich - head of C2B Group, expert of federal magazines "Profession Director", "Commercial Director"

1. Optimize processes and draft regulations
2. 5 tools affecting sales of auto parts
3. How to build control over the implementation of business processes?
4. Do you link performance with the motivation system and KPI?
Business owners, managers, general directors, commercial directors, development directors, executive directors, sales managers, sales directors, sales managers
30 August (4th exbition day)
11:00-12:00 Turin Polytechnic University, Italy

"Fuel Injection Systems for Passenger Car and Heavy Duty Internal Combustion Engines"

Speaker: Alessandro Ferrari, Mechanical Engineer, Candidate of Technical Sciences in Power Engineering, Associate Professor of Internal Combustion Engineers at the Polytechnic University of Turin (Italy)
Engineers-developers, technical directors, departments of analytics and technical tests, purchasing managers
12:05-12:25 Capital Legal Services Parallel import and recommended actions of business participants in the framework of the latest decision of the Constitutional Court.

Speaker: Vladislav Shcherbatykh, lawyer of intellectual property practice Capital Legal Services.

1. Parallel import: the concept and history of the issue
2. The pros and cons of legalizing parallel imports
3. Decree of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation No. 8-P of 13.02.2018: conclusions, consequences and practical recommendations
4. Analysis of development of judicial practice on parallel import after the Decision of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation
Representatives of importers of auto parts, representatives of copyright holders of major foreign automotive brands, lawyers of companies
12:30-13:30 Group of companies V.I.G.Trans

"Features of the organization of import of goods for vehicle maintenance: customs clearance, logistics"

Speaker: Jamal Davitashvili

1. Who participates in the customs and logistics chain of the foreign trade transaction?
2. What are the risks and how to avoid them?
3. Customs clearance of goods in Russia. Documents required for customs clearance of cargo in Russia, their proper design and training features: invoices, specifications, packing lists, international transport documents, certificates, sanitary and epidemiological conclusions, price lists, export declarations

"Certification: A topical issue when importing goods from China and Europe for vehicle maintenance"

Speaker:: Alexey Rzhankovsky
Importers, business owners, logistics, foreign trade managers

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