Адрес 42050, Турция, Konya, 3.Org.San.Sit. 18.sk. no:1 Selçuklu Konya
Номера телефона +90 (332) 2391500
Номер факса +90 (332) 2390222
Сайт www.apspiston.com
Описание компании AKIN PISTON TIC. LTD.STI.(APS PISTON):APS Co. produces and offers pistons, liners,rings,for automobiles,vehicles,construction machines engines and started business in early 2012 with the same quality of OEM, has ISO9001,8000 m2 indoor area,Satisfaction team experinced avarage 14 years piston manufacturing,use primery aluminum (none used),We use to manufacture and control; spectrometers,metal microscope,Automatic casting machines,Hardness tests,heat treatment in ovens,Ultrasonic unit,Final control process and marked with Laser,After surface coating,pistons pack according to customer’s demands.