Address 141701, Russia, Moscow reg., Dolgoprudniy, Transportniy psg., 8, room 43 and 44
Phone number +7 (925) 2217233; +7 (8482) 637453
Fax number +7 (8482) 637453
About company LLC" ESERPLAST "is a dynamic enterprise, the roots of which come from the company" Eser Otomotiv Plastic Kulyp Sanayi ve Tijaret ", founded in Turkey in 1978. Our company has a full cycle of manufacturing products. Long-term experience, qualified specialists and high-tech equipment are the guarantee of high quality of our products with the trademark "ESER". Standards and quality of production are confirmed by certificates ISO 9001-2000 and GOST-R. The range of our products is extensive and designed for a wide range of cars, in particular, of Russian production.