Address 620000, Russia, Ekaterinburg, st. Alpinistov 61, st. Taganskaya 60-a
Phone number +7 (343) 2639140; +7 (343) 3212015
Fax number +7 (343) 2638638
Website www.epribor.com
About company The main profile of our company is motor transport electrical equipment. We specialize in wholesale of automotive electrical equipment for domestic trucks, cars, tractors, buses and various special equipment: spare parts for Russian and Belorussian ATE plants such as Avar, Avtoarmatura, Auto Electronics, Avtopribor, BATE, Zita, ZAZS, concern PRAMO ", SOATE, Energomash and others. We are representatives of exclusive products of auto components "CEP", which is supplied to the Russian market.