22nd Russia’s leading international trade fair for the automotive service industry targeting trade visitors from Russia and the CIS 27 - 30 August 2018 Russia • Moscow • Expocentre

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ALLRISE AUTO PARTS CO., LTDT321ALT (Jiangsu) Industrial Co.,LtdT155Anhui Meiruier Filter CO., LTDT241CANGZHOU YUNJI AUTO PARTS CO., LTDT325CHANGZHOU GUXIN VEHICLE ACCESSORIES CO., LTDT469CHANGZHOU HENGDA VEHICLE ACCESSORIES CO.,LTDT367CHANGZHOU JIULONG AUTO LAMP FACTORYT363Changzhou Zhongkai Vehicle Parts Co., LtdT333China Baili Tractor Spare Parts Co., LtdT483ChiPing HengAn Radiator Co.,LtdT305DANYANG ZHONGFUDING AUTO PARTS CO., LTDT337DEHENG Auto Parts Co., Ltd.T125ELECO AUTO SPARE PARTS CO., LTDT165Fengcheng Eastern Turbocharger Manufacturing Co.Ltd.T221FU FEI CONVERTER & MUFFLER (TAISHAN) CO., LTD.T449GUANGZHOU KAREN AUTO PARTS CO.,LTDT465GUANGZHOU XIN SANDE AUTO PARTS CO,.LTDT227Hangzhou Kaizhou Auto Parts Co.,LTDT263Hangzhou Tonny Electric & Tools Co.,LtdT183HangZhou XinFeng Automobile Spare Parts FactoryT233HANGZHOU XZB TECH CO.,LTD.T349Hebei Good-win International Trade Co., Ltd.T471HEBEI HAOLU AUTO PART CO., LTDT275Hebei Haotian Filter Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.T223HEBEI MATAI BEARING CO.,LTD.T145Hejian City JIUJIU Mechanical Electrical CO,.LTDT107HUBEI KAIT AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRONIC & ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS CO.,LTD.T287iLight sky LtdT117Jiangsu Huatong Shock Absorber Manufacturing Co.,LtdT371JIANGSU L&L AUTO PARTS CO.,LTDT231Jiangsu Mensch Auto Parts Co.,LtdT473Jiangxi Outaishi Automotive Parts Co.,LtdT365Jinan Hong Ling Auto Parts Co., LtdT311JINAN KAISHIDA IMPORT AND EXPORT CO.,LTDT105Jinan Sino Truck Parts lmp.&Exp.Trading Co.,LtdT269JINAN WAN BIN IMPORT&EXPORT TRADE CO.,LTDT343JINHENG SHOCK ABSORBER CO.,LTDT175JOINHANDS AUTO SPARE PARTS CO.,LTDT443KARSCO AUTO SENSOR CO.,LTDT441LAIZHOU HAOKAI MACHINERY CO.,LTDT407Laizhou Wenhe Machinery Co., LtdT341Laizhou Wobang Auto Parts Co., LTDT271Liaoning Chengye Automotive Parts Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.T219LIN JINCHEN AUTO PARTS CO,.LTDT345Nanjing Bearing Co., Ltd.Q125Nanyang Nantai Test Equipments Co.,LtdT153NINGBO ETDZ VICTOR ENTERPRISE INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD.T467NINGBO ETDZ VICTOR ENTERPRISE INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD.T463NINGBO IMAX AUTO PARTS CO.,LTDT151Ningbo Jiangbei Eastbao Automobile Electrical Co,.LTDT361NINGBO JINCHENG SHOCK ABSORBER CO.,LTDT209Ningbo Lite Way Car Accessories Co., Ltd.T289NINGBO OEMCO AUTO PARTS CO.,LTD.T225Ningbo Shuntian Fuel Injection Equipment co.,ltdT357Ningbo Xiangheyuan Autoparts Co.,LtdT285Qingdao HengHua Machinery Technology Co., LTDT433Qingdao Pujie Industry Co.,LtdT147QINGHE COUNTY AOYU AUTO PARTS CO., LTD.T439QINGHE COUNTY TIANRUI FILTERS MANUFACTURING.,LTD.T475QINGHE JULONG VEHICLE FITTINGS CO.,LTDT431QUANXING MACHINING GROUP CO., LTDT283RCJLED CO., LIMITEDT137ROOYEE(GUANGZHOU)AUTO PARTS CO., LTD.T133Ruian AiNaTe Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., LtdT181RUIAN ANMA FILTER CO.,LTD.T261RUIAN DIXING AUTO PARTS CO.,LTDT243RUIAN EXPANDING AUTOMOBILE PARTS CO., LTDT375RUIAN GOOPING AUTO PARTS CO., LTDT359RUIAN HAITIE IMPORT AND EXPORT Co., Ltd.T249Ruian MAG Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.T437RUIAN QIXUAN AUTO ACCESSORIES CO.,LTDT493Rui'an Ruishen Import & Export Trading Co., LtdT323RUIAN RUISHENDA AUTO PARTS CO.,LTDT167RUIAN WANRUN AUTO&MOTORCYCLE PARTS CO.,LTDT377RUIAN WANTAI AUTO ELECTRIC APPLIANCE CO., LTDT211RUSHAN YONG FENG RIVET FACTORYT347Shandong AnYu precision bearing co., LTDT157Shandong Jidu International Trade Co.,Ltd.T217Shandong Jndo Hoisting Equipment Co., Ltd.T405Shandong Pilot Automotive Parts Co.,LtdT237Shandong Yidong Bearing Co., Ltd.T489Shanghai J&T International Group Cp.,LtdT313Shanghai Power Station Co.,LtdT213Shaoxing Jiakun Autoparts Co.,LtdT171Shenzhen Southking technology CO.,LTDT461TAIZHOU HUASONG AUTOPARTS CO.,LTD.T453TAIZHOU KAIFEIJIE AUTO PARTS CO., LTDT259TAIZHOU OUDAN AUTO PARTS CO.,LTDT251TAIZHOU PROCH AUTO PARTS CO., LTDT273TAIZHOU YONGYU INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTDT331WENZHOU EFFORT TECHNOLOGY LIMITEDT487WENZHOU CITY DONGAN CLUTCH CO.,LTDT383Wenzhou City Kangsong Auto Parts Co., Ltd.T207WENZHOU COOLPRO AUTO PARTS CO.,LTDT143Wenzhou Hansir New voice metal products co. LtdT267WENZHOU HOWE AUTOPARTS CO., LTDT187WenZhou Hualong Automotive Electronic CO., LTDT277WENZHOU JUNYUAN AUTO PARTS CO., LTD.T215wenzhou kede trading co.,ltdT387Wenzhou Pinzhong International Trade Co., LTDT481Wenzhou Reach auto parts CO.,LTDT319Wenzhou REAGAN auto parts factoryT491Wenzhou Vanbol Technology Co., LtdT379XI’AN WANPU IMPORT AND EXPORT TRADING CO., LTD.T159Xiamen Megna Trading Co., Ltd.T435XINGTAI BAIXIN SEALS MANUFACTURING CO., LTDT317Xinjiang Fenva Auto Parts Co,. LtdT445Yantai Chunsheng Sliding Bearing Co.,LtdT185YITONG DIESEL PARTS Co.,Ltd.T485YIWU HI-GREAT TRADING GROUPT353YONGEN AUTO SPARE PARTS Co.,LtdT149Yongkang Lante Industry & Trade Co., LtdT425YUEQING HAIDIE ELECTRIC CO.,LTDT309Yuhuan Guangya Autoparts Co.,LtdT351YUHUAN CHUANGYU MACHINERY CO.,LTDT135YUHUAN HAITONG AUTOMOBILE PARTS CO.,LTD.T257YUHUAN HUIYUE BEARING MACHINERY CO.,LTDT307YUHUAN KEZHUANG ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES PLANTT455ZHEJIANG BENKE AUTO PARTS CO.,LTD.T415ZHEJIANG CHUANGLI AUTOMOTIVE AIR-CONDITIONER CO.,LTDT417ZHEJIANG DEMING AUTO MOBILE PARTS CO.,LTDT121ZHEJIANG HUANFANG AUTOMOBILE ELECTIC APPLIANCES CO.,LTDT355Zhejiang Kaidi Automotive Parts Industry Co.,LTDT315Zhejiang Kewei Automobile Fittings Co., LTD.T373Zhejiang Liqun Auto Parts Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.T265Zhejiang Pinchao Auto Parts Co;LtdT115ZHEJIANG PINGCHAI PUMPS CO.,LTDT385Zhejiang Shuangliang Automobile Parts Co., LtdT111ZHEJIANG SUNRICH BRAKE SYSTEMS CO.,LTDT327ZHEJIANG TECHNIK AUTO PARTS CO., LIMITEDT141ZHENJIANG SHANGYUE AUTOPARTS CO.,LTDT335Zhongshan BOMI Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.T421ZHUJI JINLU RUBBER & PLASTIC PRODUCTS CO., LTD.T161Zhuji Liangzi Machine Pipe FactoryT247ZHUJI XIONGHUA EXP&IMP CO.,LTDT411ZHUJI ZHUOYUANDA MACHINERY CO.,LTDT281
T483 T485 T487 T489 T491 T493 T481 T381 T383 T385 T387 T373 T375 T377 T379 T475 T467 T463 T455 T451 T447 T443 T439 T435 T431 T417 T411 T405 T407 T415 T421 T319 T315 T311 T307 T305 T309 T313 T317 T217 T213 T209 T205 T207 T211 T215 T219 T115 T111 T107 T105 T117 T125 T131 T137 T141 T145 T151 T157 T159 T273 T275 T277 T281 T283 T285 T287 T289 T165 T167 T121 T127 T133 T135 T237 T233 T227 T223 T221 T225 T231 T235 T335 T331 T325 T321 T323 T327 T333 T337 T437 T433 T427 T425 T441 T445 T449 T453 T355 T351 T347 T343 T341 T345 T349 T353 T253 T249 T245 T241 T243 T143 T247 T251 T255 T153 T149 T147 T461 T359 T363 T465 T471 T469 T477 T473 T371 T367 T369 T365 T361 T357 T257 T261 T265 T269 T271 T267 T263 T259 T155 T161 T171 T175 T177 T181 T183 T185 T187 ПАВИЛЬОН 7 ЗАЛ 5 , PAVILION 7, HALL 5 - Автозапчасти и компоненты
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