Address 624261, Russia, Asbest Sverdlovsk region, Plekhanova street, 64
Phone number +7 (34365) 24948; +7 (34365) 60613
Fax number +7 (34365) 24948; +7 (34365) 60345
Website www.uralati.ru
About company Production of high-quality brake and friction products (brake pads for railway wagons and subway cars, brake linings for trucks and cars, clutch facings, pads for drilling equipment, brake band LAT-2, rolled elastic materials EM-1 and EM- K), sheet gasket materials (various kinds of paronites, gaskets and repair kits of gaskets), textile sealing and heat-insulating materials (gland packings, fabrics and cloths, cords and bands, yarn and roving), polypropylene packaging