Address 452005, Russia, Belebey, Syrtlanovoy 1А
Phone number +7 (34786) 31980; +7 (34786) 32651
Fax number +7 (34786) 31980; +7 (34786) 32651
About company SAK Ltd has been a general distributor of AO “BelZAN” for sales of fasteners and springs for “AvtoVAZ”, “KamAZ”, “UAZ” and “GAZ” in Russian aftermarket since 2001. AO “BelZAN” is up-to-date machine building company specializing in fasteners (bolts, screws, studs, self-tapping screws, nuts, washers and others) and springs production for automotive industry. AO “BelZAN” is a supplier of “AvtoVAZ”, “KamAZ”, “UAZ”, “GAZ”, “GM-AvtoVAZ”, “UralAZ” assembly-lines and most auto component companies. Production is carried out using high-tech cold heading equipment. List of salable products has more t