, Turkey, Istanbul, İkitelli Org.San.Bölg. Atatürk Bul. M.CAKICI İş Mrk. No : 68/103 Başakşehir
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+7 (495) 7712218
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About company
DAYEL is the Turkish Company, experienced in production of new age diesel test systems like CR Common Rail, EUP/EUI, EDC and mechanical pump test .It is founded in 1995 by Mr Cengiz DAYIOĞLU and his son Mr Kaan Dayıoglu inside RBTR Bosch Istanbul Turkey as after sales service of Bosch Test Benches. Since 2004 started to produce at first CR PC test benches 240 pcs per year. DAYEL has experience in electronic production, training and after sales service of all test benches.