Kazan plant

420054, Russia, Kazan, 26 Krutovskaya st.
Phone number
+7 (495) 3089737; +7 (843) 2333385
Fax number
+7 (495) 3089737; +7 (843) 2333385
About company
The plant is a manufacturer of more than 120 types of greases. The annual output is more than 5000 tons. Lubricants are represented by several rulers: RIKOS Gost-Litol 24, Solidol, Graphite USAA, Shrus 4, Lubricant 158 and many others widely known in professional circles. RICOS PRO - lubricants of a new generation, produced under the program "import substitution", produced on complex soaps and synthetic oils. RICOS PRO JET - a series of aerosol lubricants for household and professional consumption. Also, the plant produces a wide range of coolant.