21990, Korea, Republic of, Incheon, D-1110 Smartvalley, 30, Songdomirae-ro, Yeonsu-gu
Phone number
+82 (32) 8374753; +82 (70) 40105575
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+82 (32) 4754; +82 (505) 4528888
About company
Convenience and Safety! Carnavicom accompanies with clients Carnavicom has continuously developed electrical equipment such as navigation, high-pass, black box, wireless charger etc after having been established in January 2001.The reason of concentrating on auto mechatronics parts by Carnavicom is that the car is a part of life where a lot of time is spent instead of just means of transportation, so developing directions of auto mechatronics parts have been changed quickly based on NEEDS of clients. Currently ICT technology has been moved to automotive industry sector speedily, and technolo