16110, Turkey, Nilüfer/BURSA, Çalı Mh. Çalı Sanayi Böl. Turuncu sk. No:13
Phone number
+90 (224) 4660016
Fax number
+90 (224) 2561803
About company
Resco Shocks and Struts has been established in 2013 as a subsidiary company of Seres Otomotiv. The company Seres Otomotiv has stepped into the market in 2007 as a distributor of leading airspring manufacturers in Turkey. The company has grown up intently in the next few years and included an air suspension systems distributorship to it’s organization. With it’s own brand name the company was not only successfull in the domestic market but also gained awareness in the export markets. Until 2014 the main product range was limited with the commercial vehicles such as trucks, trailers and busses.