Radiator, LLC

Address 111402, Russia, Moscow, Ketcherskaya, 13
Phone number +7 (495) 7265938; +7 (495) 7265955
Fax number +7 (495) 7265906
Website www.tdradiator.ru
About company Wholesale company for sale of spare parts and auto components for trucks and cars, buses, tractors, agricultural and special equipment of Russian production. Dealers of the largest Russian manufacturers: OA ShAAZ, OOO Orenburg Radiator, Kostroma-Motordetal, OOO Daido Metal Rus, KMZ, TMZ, PAAZ, Avtoagregat LIVNY, a wide range of spare parts under its own ТМ "AUTOMAGNATE": shock absorbers, jacks, clutch disks, water pumps, starter motors, generators, piston groups, cardan shafts, crossbars, brake chambers, energy accumulators, filters and elements