LADA Image

Address 445043, Russia, Togliatti, Severnaya str., 81
Phone number +7 (8482) 759710
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Website www.
About company JSC «LADA Image» is a 100% affiliated company of PJSC «AVTOVAZ» and its official Distributor in sales of spare parts for LADA cars. The key objective of JSC «LADA Image» is providing range of services for repairs and maintenance of LADA car everywhere the cars are in use. Since February 2017, JSC «LADA Image» has acted as a general Distributor of spare parts LADA of the OAT Group: JSC"VAZINTERSERVICE", LLC "EVR", JSC "Motor-Super", LLC "SAAZ Complect", LLC "DZA", LLC "DZPM", LLC "DZAL", LLC "DAAZ Shtamp", LLC"Zavod Avtosvet", PJSC "OSVAR", JSC "SMZ".