Address 192029, Russia, St. Petersburg, Office 336, 13 Sedov str.
Phone number +7 (800) 5554855; +7 (800) 5554855
Fax number +7 (812) 2445973; +7 (812) 2445973
Website a1plast.ru
About company Goods for storage of all types of spare car parts, components and tools. More than 1000 types of plastic containers and cases. Compartmented cassettes, stands, racks, hawkers stands – all for car industry needs. Industrial furniture for assembly shops and workshops. Plastic boxes of the VDA standard R-KLT/RL-KLT cases for machine assembly lines of car industry. Accessories and components. Out-of-the-box solution for business: sets and series of the most popular types of products. Selection and delivery of all types of products.