Address 50197, Spain, Zaragoza, Osca 2, Pol. Campus Nave 5. PLAZA
Phone number +34 (976) 464212; +34 (976) 464242
Fax number +34 (976) 471515
About company Airtex Products, S.A., (Zaragoza, Spain) belongs to the group UCI-FRAM Group (Rank group.) together with ASC Industries Inc. (Ohio, USA), Airtex Products (Illinois, USA) and TMM (Puebla, Mexico). We represent the world´s largest independent manufacturer of automotive fuel and water pumps. The group provides millions of fuel and water pumps annually to major vehicle manufacturers and distributors around the world. The group covers a world of pump applications, all made to original equipment specifications. Airtex Products S.A. offers a range of more than 1000 different water pumps and more than 700 Electric fuel pumps through its European Catalogues.