Address 606039, Russia, Nizhny Novgorod area, Dzerzhinsk, Patolicheva street, 29
Phone number +7 (8313) 390532; +7 (8313) 390533
Fax number +7 (8313) 390534; +7 (8313) 390535
Website www.himlux.ru
About company Himlux - a company whose main activity - production and sale of antifreezes, engine oils, lubricants and filters. Products produced by our company, and coming out on the market under the brand name "Himlux" has already established itself as a high quality product, and is in demand. In the arsenal of our laboratory has modern high-tech equipment, which is carried out through a strict quality control at every stage of production, and reduced production costs, opening up opportunities for us to minimize prices.