Address 426-901, Korea, Republic of, Gyeonggi-do, RM710, Technology Development Center, 705 Haean-ro, Sangnok-gu, Ansan-si
Phone number +82 (31) 3645888
Fax number +82 (31) 3645829
About company ADM21 has manufactured all kinds of wiper blades such as Conventional, Flat, Hybrid, Heavy-duty, Winter and IT wiper blades. In addition, ADM21 has served to over 100 countries. ADM 21 is the world first company of develop All In One Adaptor(One adaptor cover 11 kinds of Arm), One Framed Beam Blade, Metal Shrouded Hybrid Wiper Blade and Nano Technology. We have 848 Intellectual properties (582 Registered/266 Pending) in Asia, Europe and North America.