Address 305044, Russia, Kursk, ul. Respublikanskaya 16
Phone number +7 (4712) 343034; +7 (4712) 343669
Fax number +7 (4712) 343037
Website www.kurskbelshina.ru
About company LLC Kursk Trade House Belshina is amongst the facilities of its own distribution network of one of the largest companies producing tires in Europe, JSC Belshina. The Trading House supplies more than 200 types of tires for cars, trucks, heavy-duty vehicles, road construction and material handling machines, buses, tractors and agricultural machinery. LLC Kursk Trade House Belshina works closely with the largest enterprises od Russia, such as JSC NLMK, JSC Lebedyansky Mine, JSC Mikhailovsky Mine, JSC Stoylinsky Mine, JSC Eurocement Group.