Address 344068, Russia, Rostov-on-Don, M. Nagibina, 40
Phone number +7 (863) 2785030; +7 (863) 2785040
Fax number +7 (863) 2785090
About company ACE SPE Ltd, trade mark ACELab, has been developing and manufacturing automotive diagnostic equipment to service motor cars, trucks and special-purpose transport since 1996. ACELab diagnostic devices AUTOAC-SCAN, AUTOAC-CARGO, AUTOAC-F16, AUTOAC-EXPRESS are used in more than 8000 service centers. A new direction in ACELab work is development and manufacture of devices for acquiring and processing data from vehicle on-board information buses (CANbus, K-Line, J1708) and transferring them into transport monitoring systems (GLONASS/GPS) and on-board information systems (Windows, Android); for controlling fuel consumption, correct work and operation modes of vehicles, making remote diagnostics.